Animal Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can help canine clients with a range of conditions including hip and elbow dysplasia, postoperative care (such as cruciate repairs including TPLO, TTA and MMP surgery), spinal injury and osteoarthritis.

A variety of techniques can be used, such as exercise plans that focus on muscle strength, balance, proprioception, co-ordination and joint range of movement, joint mobilisations, soft tissue techniques, splinting and electrotherapy. Referrals to hydrotherapy centres can be advised as required.

Kathryn Cartwright Physio, Treating Horse

Physiotherapy can also help equine clients. A physiotherapy assessment may be beneficial for horses who may be struggling to perform to the best of their ability, experiencing changes in behaviour, for example bucking and rearing under saddle, post falls, back and pelvic pain or specific soft tissue injuries. It may be possible to arrange a joint session with your vet, for treatment under sedation, which can be extremely effective in animals who may have a chronic problem, particularly in the spine. Other treatments are also available, such as electrotherapy, taping, soft tissue techniques and joint mobilisations.

Treatment for other animals may be possible, please contact to discuss your requirements further.
Kathryn Cartwright Physio, Treating Dog

Please note that under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, a veterinary referral is required prior to any physiotherapy treatment being carried out.