Physiotherapist: Kathryn Cartwright

Kathryn is a qualified physiotherapist and currently works for the NHS in Hampshire. She is also qualified and experienced in veterinary physiotherapy. Whilst she lives in Basingstoke, Hampshire, she  available to travel across the whole of Berkshire, Surrey and Kent to provide treatment.

Qualified Chartered Physiotherapist

    • Musculoskeletal.

    • Respiratory.

    • Orthopaedic.

    • Neuro rehabilitation.

Experienced Veterinary Physiotherapist 

    • Equine.

    • Canine.

    • Feline.

Human Treatment

Physiotherapy can be helpful in a number of common conditions including:

    • Muscle and ligament sprains and strains.

    • Joint condition including swelling and stiffness.

    • Osteoarthritis.

    • Low back pain.

    • Post-operative rehabilitation.

    • Respiratory conditions such as COPD and bronchiectasis.

    • Sports injuries.

Treatment techniques include joint mobilisations, electrotherapy, soft tissue techniques, patient specific exercise plans, taping and gait re-education.

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Animal Treatment

Physiotherapy can help canine clients recover from a range of conditions including:

    • Hip and elbow dyplasia.

    • Post-operative care (such as cruciate repairs including TPLO, TTA and MMP surgery).

    • Spinal injury.

    • Osteoarthritis.

A variety of techniques can be used in treatment including:

    • Exercise plans that focus on muscle strength, balance, proprioception, co-ordination and joint range of movement, joint mobilisations.

    • Soft tissue techniques.

    • Splinting and

    • Electrotherapy.

Referrals to hydrotherapy centres can be advised as required.

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